We all are vulnerable. Though reason and degree might differ, there would be hardly anyone breathing on this planet who has overcome vulnerability. Some people are vulnerable because of their past, and others because of their emotional weaknesses. Financial instability or lack of success in professional fields also makes people feel unsafe. What makes us vulnerable, is an important introspection that we must undergo.

When one is jeopardised due to any reason, his/her confidence is shaken. That particular limitation hinders the thought process, ambition and ability to take bold steps. Indefatigable people give up when it comes to their pain points. The vulnerability may be in any form, like reputational, family protection, or emotional bondage. Blackmailing works because the person’s reputation in society has to be protected, it becomes a vulnerability. Ransom is paid for because of such reasons.

Unless one feels fully protected – emotionally, professionally and socially – some kind of fear of being harmed will exist. This will lead to a situation where one doesn’t feel fully confident to take steps which are free from fear and favour. Our thought process gets influenced by such vulnerabilities. To be able to think independently, without the influence of any bias, it is important to remain resilient to any kind of feebleness. Being strong is not easy if there is hollowness within, further expanded by fears and vulnerability.

Therefore, to make an undeterred stride in life towards your desired goal, it is important to identify what is your vulnerability. Once you have done so, take the next step to insulate yourself, slowly in the direction of addressing them. Being human means being incomplete. While accepting the reality that human being is not perfect, not complete, it is important to reduce our incompleteness, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, to make our lives better, safe and peaceful.

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