It is actually very common to have something unique in every individual. Many of those characteristics might be acceptable, but a few might be specific to the person, and a bit weird. And that weird one is what makes us different, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a funny manner.
Someone twitches his nose, blinks frequently, or makes strange sounds, or something like that. That eerie habit makes us different, identifiable and even subject of talk in our absence. Even the greatest of the people do have something that is very canny, that others would never expect from them. Great personalities behaving so unusual and strange would surprise everyone. One great football player is said to have a habit of keeping everything in pairs – including cans of coke in the refrigerator. If the number is odd, he would remove one to make it even! Some friends sleep with the lights on at night, or drink coke after a cup of strong coffee!

Someone had a habit of adjusting his ties every five minutes. Another person would enter the pen in his nose during a meeting. They were certainly noticed by others, but unaware themselves of the typical behaviour they were exhibiting. Such weird habits of ours can sometimes create an interesting situation. Especially if others notice it, but we don’t. In many cases, the person having such habits does not know about them. Unmindful of their pattern of behaviour, they keep repeating it over and over again. With time, they become famous for that particular conduct and behavioural style. It might not always be awkward, but at least it is something different and noticeable.

It is important to keep an eye on our own behaviour, lest some habits may put us in an embarrassing situation. A CEO of a company somehow developed the habit of tightening shoe laces every now and then even during important meetings. His juniors would feel really ticklish, some of them would even tease him behind his back. Are you also subjected to any such humiliating habits or situations ever? Or do you know anyone in your circle who is being laughed at for such simple but silly things? Why don’t you analyse it and take a review?

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