People create wealth during their lifetime. They build houses, buy cars, construct factories and whatnot. It gives us a sense of achievement when we create something. These physical and material wealth creation is the most visible aspect of our success. It proves how rich we are. But have we ever focused on creating value?
Yes, creating value is an important, or rather more important, aspect of being successful. If we compare the time of just five hundred years ago, we have created an abundance of infrastructure and comfort for human life. It has added to the comfort of our daily lives. We are not struggling, at least majority of the humanity is not struggling, to fulfil our daily requirements. We have rather excess of everything. But what about creating value system that gives us equal comfort and support in life? Here perhaps we are lacking and therefore while physical facilities have increased, our mental health issues have multiplied as well.

We are facing the challenge of wealth without value. People have all the required convenience but not the mental strength to deal with any issue that may come up in their lives. You may have built a strong and massive house to give you protection against rain and storm, but have you strengthened your inner values to protect yourself from the storm of negativity? Are you prepared to fight a job loss or break-up? Your car might be fast to drive you at 100 miles an hour but is your body strong enough to run 1 mile? Is your value system supportive of your overall well-being?

You may have money to buy the best whiskey in the world, but is your value strong to resist drinking whiskey a day a week? You can surely construct a bridge for your vehicles but can you construct a bridge to hold on to the breaking family? This kind of value system is becoming weak in our time. While our focus remains on earning more money, gaining more power and becoming more popular, the need to be mentally strong, genuine and authentic is ignored. A robust value system is essential to protect us against the shocks that may come out of the material world. We need to focus on creating value during our lifetime that suits us. Without having our values, the inner core of existence with remain fragile.

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