You don’t have a hobby?If you ask this question to anyone: ‘What’s your hobby?’ There is more than fifty percent chance that he will fumble. ‘Well, I don’t have any hobby,’ or ‘my work is my hobby,’ or ‘I don’t have time for a hobby,’ kind of answers are very common. Many people do not have a specific hobby, even in their mid-age. It is difficult to differentiate for many between their work and hobby. For example, some people, who work in the finance sector, think that reading Financial Times is their hobby. There are many who think developing or having a hobby is a waste of time. It is also true that many parents discourage children from spending time on their hobbies, feeling it will rob their study time. Making a successful career, getting accomplishment in life is more important than developing a hobby – is very common advice given to anyone. People also mistake that hobby has got no better use in their lives, except for time pass.

This is a big mistake when we undervalue a hobby. It is not time-pass, it is not entertainment. It is not only to deviate yourself from work. Hobby, in fact, is an activity that builds your personality and character. A hobby is a serious pursuit, not only a spare time activity. It is something that not only gives you a good time but also demands your full attention. One needs to be serious in pursuing hobbies, diligently following up rituals. It has to be a regular and devoted affair, scheduled in one’s routine. Someone playing golf as a hobby spends money, time, and energy chasing it. One reading crime thriller as a hobby follows authors of choice and keeps track of book series he likes.

A hobby is a constructive activity that develops one’s cognitive faculty and intelligence. No matter what the hobby is, one learns many positive things from it. A hobby should be something that takes effort and energy, not something that makes one lazy. Therefore, remember, watching TV, binging on YouTube, spending hours on-screen without control or volition cannot be termed as a hobby. Because that is not an activity you are doing deliberately, with effort. A person should look forward to spending time and energy in the activity that he calls a hobby, otherwise, it is not a serious one. Once developed, that hobby becomes heaven on the earth. Every minute spent on that interesting activity is pleasurable. It gives positive energy and develops good thoughts in our minds. One’s devotion to that interest may also result in making him more successful in his career, irrespective of the connection between the two. When one starts enjoying, he performs better in every aspect of his life. This has a direct impact on one’s family relationships, professional achievements and social affairs.

Additionally, in the current lifestyle, full of stress and tension, a hobby works as a soothing exercise, as a stress buster. By spending time on that hobby, one gets a much-required escape from a tedious routine and demanding job. It develops one’s skills to manage tricky situations in a better manner, by applying lessons learned from it. It makes life better, satisfied and happy. In turn, it results in optimism and develops a creative ability. It helps one to sleep better, dream better and look forward to tomorrow – to pursue a hobby. Like a ray of optimism in a time of despair – a hobby can be a good therapy also. Even children who are less social can develop skills to mix up with people if their hobbies are common. A shy person will happily interact with another person having a common hobby. Two enemies can become good friends if they are connected by the same hobby. There is hardly anything negative in having a good hobby in life, but those who have none miss many of its benefits.

If you don’t have a hobby, better to develop one today.

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