In the board game Monopoly, there is a card: Get Out of Jail Free. This card frees a player from jail. This phrase has become popular in common parlance to equate with getting out of the undesirable situation.

Hundreds of time we fall into a situation from where we desire an early exit. It might be due to the changed circumstances, or changed surroundings, or maybe for other reason, but whenever it happens, we want a ‘get out of jail free card in real life. Do you remember any such situation in your life when you had badly desired some exit option? More often than not we try to get the circumstances resolved without any confrontation or friction. Honourable exit is another term used for such a situation.

In the first place, we start an analysis as to why we fall into that situation. That analysis, that introspection itself is painful. We curse ourselves for making that mistake. But sometimes it is beyond our control. It is not always that we landed there voluntarily. Occasions arise which make the circumstances worse, adverse and difficult.

Sometimes it is not about circumstances but our perspective of the situation. Our changed expectations may be a reason we start finding the situation difficult to survive in. If it is the case, better to put our expectations in the right context and reduce our expectations. Having an eye on reality is important than flying in dreams. Reality check for circumstances and emotional perspective should be balanced before asking for ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card.

However, no doubt the Get Out of Jail Free is a wonderful idea and should be used as and when required. No point in grinding oneself into an unwanted, undesired situation that becomes unbearable. Next time, if you also fall into such a trap, ask for a Get Out of Jail Free card.

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