We are bound. Bondage is strong. We are unable to break the ties. We even sometimes do not realize our limitations created by these bondage.

Who binds us? Why? How can we be free?

We should not do certain things. We should not speak some words. We are not suppose to visit some areas. We will not be considered civilized if we behave out of customs created by our society. We have to follow various social norms.

All these restrictions actually limit our space, bind us and handicap us in expression of our natural feelings. We have no more rights than what our society gives us to. These restrictions come not from legal laws but from customary norms. These norms are many a times more powerful then laws and influence even law making.

What to eat, what to wear, what to drink, whom to talk with, whom to meet, when to wake up and when to sleep and many other “whats”, “whos”, “whoms”, “hows” and “wheres” are dictated by our social, traditional and customary rules. But they do not answer our “Why” against any of them. Even if answer is there, maximum time it is unsatisfactory, illogical, incomplete and unreasonable. Yet we follow these dictations because we live in the same society and we cannot break up with it. We compromise our behaviour, attitude and aspirations due to same reason.

Freedom is essential for all over development of a person. How much  freedom is a question to be yet answered but of course, many restrictions are not required.

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