Year 2019 has just arrived. Are goals and targets for the new year all set? Are peparation and planning done minutely? Ready to implement and execute them? Expecting great success and achievements in 2019?


Let’s draw an analogy. Sameer is a cricketer in Under-19. This will be his last year in the team because then he will turn 20. So Year 2019 is crucial for him. He has to perform to the best of his abilities so that he could be noticed by selectors of national cricket team. He has to make a place in the main cricket team.

How vigorously he would perform?

How much dedication will he pour in the game?

How strong would be his efforts in 2019?

Certainly to the best of his abilities? Why?

Because if he doesn’t perform this year, his cricket career may lose continuity. His achievements till now may be written off. He has to enter main team – to achive further success.

Sameer will know that this is the year of ‘Do or Die’ efforts. Even if there are some shortcomings, they have to be overcome during the year. There is no chance to carry forward the baggage of mistakes anymore. Perfection has to be achived, sooner than later.

Similarly, think that 2019 is the last year of Under-19 game for us also. Prepare mindset to put up more efforts, more dedication. Remember that every day in 2019 is an opportunity to enter the ground for main match. The days of Under-19 are going to be over soon. New turf is waiting. It will require more energy, dedication, discipline and commitment. Prepare for it in 2019, and perform to the best of all abilities and skills. Overcome all shortcomings and limitations. Stop blaming circumstances. Start taking responsibilities.

Because it will be no more Under-19 after 2019. It is the last year of Under-19.

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