To achieve the best result, we need to take action. Most of the time, without doing anything, we wait for years, lamenting not achieving the desired result. Unless we care to analyse what action has been taken, it doesn’t become clear that the fault lies in our own inaction. Just wishing to have something, or aspiring to achieve a certain goal is not enough for success. We have to work towards that direction. 

The intention is misunderstood as action by our mind. Pintu decided to lose weight and become ‘the best version of himself’, after watching a video on youtube. He bought gym clothes and subscribed to the best available gym in town. Six months later, he once again visited the gym, met the manager and demanded an explanation as to why there was no difference in his shape even after six months of gym subscription. The manager showed him around how others were doing exercise in the gym, and advised that ‘you have to do it’. Only then it became clear to Pintu that no one will work out on his behalf! Remember the advice, ‘You have to do it.’

For achieving any target, it is the intensity of action that matters more than the sincerity of intention. Unless we act upon the objective, no outcome could be achieved. We cannot reach any destination without driving. Moving from own place is the most crucial part of any attainment. You will come across many people who would cry about an unfair world where there is no justice because they have not got dreamed of success. When asked, it becomes clear they have been fancying something for donkey’s years, but in terms of action, they had hundreds of excuses and therefore they could not even move a straw. The cause of the complaint is clear! What is the point of cursing authorities for not repairing roads if you haven’t even bothered to register a complaint about the condition of roads in your street? 

It is clear like a crystal that action is the only seed for results to germinate. Unless we have done enough hard work, and have the willingness to put in more effort, no success could be expected. So, remember, anywhere, to get something, you have to do it. 

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