Happiness is not a destination but a journey. It is not a point of time to reach at but a period to live in. It cannot be acquired but be pursued.

The American Declaration of Independence – declaring life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as inherent and inalienable rights of all humans – has done a great service to modern world. The life and liberty has to be accompanied by happiness but the later is not guaranteed. What is assured as a right is only pursuit of happiness. Hence it leaves upon an individual to pursue own happiness, based on personal values, ethos and interests.

How difficult it would be for a group of tourists to walk through unknown mountainous territory if their bus stops due to engine fault. But charting on even more difficult terrain becomes achievement for a herd of trekkers. This difference is for the reason that interest and aim of both the groups are not same.

The Pursuit of Happiness, a 2006 movie based on Chris Gardener’s one year struggle, has become heart touching due to the emotion filled story beautifully characterised by Will Smith and co-stars. Throughout the movie, pursuit of happiness never seems to be an easy task. The struggle and pain he had to go through leave viewers in tears.

This is true in real life as well where pursuing happiness is a constant endeavour. Many times, after erroneous efforts, one realises that happiness lies somewhere else. Unfortunately there are plenty of examples where one who has reached to the zenith of success has achieved everything but happiness. On the contrary, it is possible that those who are devoid of all possessions may be enviously happy throughout their life.

Pursuing happiness is a right as well as a requirement. It makes the life fulfilled. If one doesn’t know where the true happiness could be found, pursuing an activity which interests him, could never be a failing task. Needless to mention an example of farmer who leaves for a town to become an employee of a company only to realise later that his bliss was in village.

So to pursue the mysterious happiness is a skill. People live happily even in most difficult circumstances when they have reached to a stage where this pursuit comes easy to them. If one identifies his needs, desires and interests, chances are higher that his pursuit would not be misdirected and the journey would be most pleasant and fulfilling.

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