Suraj developed habit of completing task at last minute. Till the time he would get a call from Boss, asking for urgent submission, he would not start it. Over the period of time, Suraj realised that such habit works effectively and helps him in various ways to reduce his work load. So he would say, for any work, “I would do it later..”.

Firstly, sometimes Boss involves other colleagues for the work and hence Suraj’s work is distributed. Secondly, he always can avoid other work by saying that he is already involved in the earlier given work which still remains to be completed. Thirdly, Boss doesn’t have time to check his work and instruct for corrections or amendments. Fourthly, on some occasions the work is not at all required to be done anymore.

Many people develop habit of doing the work at last moment. Initial procrastination to begin the assigned work is responsible for it. Tendency to avoid work has been growing due to fear of taking responsibility.

Sometimes employee start thinking that why to spend more time and energy in a work which can be completed in lesser time. Comments and suggestions of Boss to improve the work is taken coldly. Feeling that Boss wants to keep employee busy is predominant. Such attitudinal difference in accomplishment of the assigned work among employees and Boss results into unhealthy working relationship.

One should not forget that work can be finished in less time but the qualitative difference will be visible. A presentation prepared with due attention is much more impressive than the one prepared haphazardly. Kind of work which requires quality and finishing has to be given enough time and has to be gone through over and over again. Employees with an attitude to finish them in one go may not do justice.

Suraj, hence, may have developed wrong attitude of finishing the task at last moment because he would always compromise in quality of work. It would not give the Boss a chance to modify, improve or edit the document or presentation. And therefore sometimes it may give very poor impression of the organisation.

Suraj’s “I will do it later” attitude is creeping in many and needs to be changed.

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