Suman and Amit were classmates during their computer engineering. None of them proved to be lucky in campus interviews. Suman, as was her nature, took it as end of the world and started sulking. Amit, on the contrary, smoked it off as if it didn’t actually matter.

Resultantly, Suman kept herself alone and stopped mingling with friends or relatives. Her disproportionate disappointment increased with time. Fear of failure made her timid. For her, it was an unacceptable failure.

Amit was feeling insult and loss of respect. He didn’t want to take it as his limitation and incapability. But at the same time, he was ashamed of rejection. Afraid of being laughed at, he didn’t ever accept that the rejection in interviews were an eye opener for him. He would rather say, “I wasn’t serious for the jobs. I just gave it a try for experience of interview. Now I know, huh, how it all works.”

The different ways of handling rejection, as Suman and Amit had taken, were disastrous for them. For the fear of failure, they stopped appearing in interview. Loss of self-respect was always prime concern for them.

How do we handle rejection? People react differently to such painful situation. Hardly anyone can remain unaffected of failure and rejection. But the way we handle them, matters for the future opportunities.

Could Suman or Amit continue to avoid facing the reality? Shouldn’t they improvise their weaker areas? Might be they are very good for some other job or company. There are different reasons and circumstances deciding one’s acceptability. Why do we need to blame ourselves for every failure?

Rejection in love, non acceptance in a job, loss in business, or any other similar situation, gives grave disappointment. Our reaction to such negative situation decides the future success.

None of us is perfect. We all, at some point of time, come across a failure. At that point, let’s be realistic. Accepting our natural limitation, we can strengthen our weaknesses. We may also analyse our capabilities and choose the field wisely. Strong determination to overcome the shortcomings is required, instead of reacting negatively to the rejection.

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