Some locks have more than one key. They cannot be opened without using all the keys, in the correct combination. Unless you put the keys in a predefined sequence, the lock doesn’t open. So is life. Many of the locks in life can be opened not with a single key but with a bunch of keys. Until you have accumulated all the required keys in a bunch, the mystery will not be solved. The door will not open. The Pandora box will remain closed.

There are many situations where one step solution doesn’t work. You need a series of steps to be taken, in the right order, in the correct length and at the appropriate time to achieve the desired result. Otherwise, all the efforts made go to waste. What it needs is a series of efforts made to achieve a certain level of success. Random work, put in here and there, without planning, doesn’t give any result. There is nothing like the proportionate benefit of the actions taken. Either you swim through the sea or sink. No other possibility.

In fact, most of the struggles in life require multiple efforts. You cannot resolve the miseries through one action. You have to be able to put together all the steps and resources required to solve the problem. Sometimes it is money, other times it is health. Occasionally it may be family and often the problem may be related to your own skill. Attitudinal issues may also play a part. But in most situations, it is a combination of all or most of them which cannot be decoded without a number of efforts. The situation becomes so complex that you cannot simply straighten it.

You need to possess a number of keys in life, they will be used on different occasions, either singly or in combination. Also, there might come a situation where all of them have to be applied together. These keys might mean skills, attitude, resources and willingness to act. You might also notice that your keys are different from others, just like in any lock, other keys cannot open it, and so is life. Other people’s ready made solutions do not apply to your circumstances. Therefore, it is difficult to implement anyone’s advice in your life, even if it has worked for them.

Analyse your own circumstances and develop your own solutions. Don’t rely on others’ keys to open your locks. Use a combination of ideas to come out of your complications, rather than restricting on one.

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